Killer Kicks

For those of you who remember the Nike Mag (Air 2015) from Back To The Future 2 take a look at this brand new clip/commercial being released by Nike in advance of a press conference tomorrow –

If these are coming I will not miss out like I have on the last few pairs of sneakers I have wanted.  No way.  If that means an overnight line at a local Nike store or Champs I am there.  Clearly the Air Yeezy has led the way for these as you can see how the Yeezy’s look like the Mag’s or at least inspired by them.

Stronger, Better, Faster, Stronger



Motherfuckers.  Nike is only releasing 1500 that will go on Ebay with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.  Great idea and god bless MJF and his charity work.  However, how about you release them main stream after the event!  Here they are…

Nike "Air Mag"

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