Again, further proof I am an asshole

Why in the fuck do people post shit like this on their facebook pages –

Happy 3rd birthday Joanie!  Mom & Dad love you! xoxoxoxo


Thanks for making my day so much better with that hug Kammy!  Your the best 4 yr old ever!!

Why in the fuck are you posting a note to your child you moron?  Are they on facebook as a 3 year old and they can read it and appreciate it?  Are you posting it for the sake of the future so you can show your kid a record of you being a good parent 15 years down the road?

No, you are doing it because you are an attention whore.  You need all your fucking chummy buddies to tell you how cute your kid is and how great a parent you are.  I know this is an unpopular stance but I don’t care.  I am tired of these fucking idiots.

Again, I don’t like FB and I sure as shit would not post my kids photos on there in this day and age but I do get the purpose.  I get that some people want to share their families memories with other friends and family members and I get that.  But posting notes directly to your child just makes you look like an asshole to me.  And I should know as I am one.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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