Lots of Squeals

September is our birthday month in the house of M.  All 5 of us share this month so it is generally hectic and also one broke ass month.  Tonight (9/23) we are celebrating the eldest minions’ birthday with a slumber party.  That means a total of 6, 7-8 year old girls are in my house.  It might as well be an entire herd of buffalo as I have about as much control over them as I would said buffalo.  Well at least the girls are potty trained.

This is the first year we have broken tradition and not had a combined mega party and it is odd to me.  I love having the mega party with the crazy shit and 100+ people.  I have no idea why someone so unsocial (me) loves to do it but I love throwing parties for the kids.  Last year we ended up with a total of 45+ kids and 55+ adults and I hired an animal act to come in a show the kids about wildlife.  This included snakes, spiders, turtles, armadillos and porcupines.  It was kick ass and I love it.  All year I had been planning a way to top it (Petting Zoo + Pony Rides was the leading contender FYI) until the weefe said it was time to split it.

So the middle minion had a party at a bouncy-place (Kudos Monkey Jo’s) and they did a nice job but man it felt sterile and impersonal to me.  Kids eyes do not light up at a place like that in comparison to putting some deadly crazy animals in front of them in their own home.  However she loved it and had a blast and that is all that matters (That is what I keep telling myself at least).

So now the oldest wanted the slumber party so that is how we arrived at tonight.  First off we had pizza (her choice) that of course was a hit.  Second I came up with a scavenger hunt all across our neighborhood where each girl got clues and they searched for goodies together.  This also served as their goodie bags and each girl got a cool Justice lunch bag along with about $10+ in assorted Justice things including notepads, lip gloss, pop rocks, glow sticks, etc. Worked great I have to admit as I ran them ragged to help with the whole tire them out concept.  Next came opening presents (I am very pleased that I found the Monster High Clawdeeen Bunk Bed!) and that of course went over great and it helped that is was just 6 girls.  After that we had a make your cupcake thing outside (Thank the lord it was outside) that went over fantastic as it was exactly like giving candy to babies.  They then got to put on their pajamas and glow sticks and jump in the trampoline for a good 30-45 minutes until it got too cold.  The next step was watching the new Barbie Charm School movie with popcorn and finally (10pm) we are now on to watching our personal swan song movie, RIO.

The hope is that in 1 hour they will all fade to black.

That is until it is 5:30am and wanting donuts.  Time to make the donuts I guess.

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3 Responses to Lots of Squeals

  1. sheila says:

    holy crap i’m exhausted just reading that. btw you do it even though you’re antisocial cuz you are the biggest freaking spoiler on the planet. there’s probably something screwed up psychologically in you which manifests as such. just so you know. 🙂

  2. martineden says:

    The exhaustion is almost complete. This morning had a soccer game/practice to coach and then back home for the older 2 minions to go to another birthday party. Craziest yet, it is the smallest minions actual birthday today so we have her party tonight. It never ends.

    Me have issues. How dare you even suggest a possibility could exist.

  3. sheila says:


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