Classless Candidates

All you fucking Republican candidates with your stupid fucking American Flag pins that you win like medals that you earned need to all go burn in hell for this one.

Let’s review this one by one…

  1. Let’s face it, a couple of idiots booed in this crowd and by no means was it a majority of them.  I know most Republicans are narrow minded assholes but let’s face it….they are patriotic assholes.
  2. Rick Santorum is a complete useless jack off.  Did he even come close to answering the question?
  3. Did any of the candidates think to say to the audience “Hey, this guy is serving our country and deserves more respect than that and if you want to boo, then you are not a true republican!”  I guarantee that would have not only gotten cheers but propelled whichever candidate to top 2 status and major headlines.
  4. This could have been a major turning point in the Republican party to show that they are inclusive and not just simply rich old white men who want what is theirs and more importantly what they think they are owed based on 1960 ideals.

No, all of these candidates are too chicken to say anything at any time to anyone.  Everyone of them a coward in every way.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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