Scorched Earth & Random Early Fall Musings

I am a fan of the scorched earth concept.  Whenever I sense the walls getting too close, and by walls that means people, it is time to burn it all down.  Some would consider it personal sabotage but that implies a certain level of unconscious decision making where scorching the path and bridge to yourself is more of a hyper-aware decision.  I get edgy when the masses, including strangers/neighbors/former friends, seem to encroach on the 2011 version of myself.  I am not sure where or when they sense the invitation to do so as I am not exactly Mr. Good Vibe but I again I fault the lack of being able to decipher civility vs. friendliness as the root evil.

I am quite pleased with the early Fall rain we have been getting and could get used to this for a few more weeks.  Give me 1 nice day per week or 2 hours of low rain/wind in the late afternoon with my kids and I am set.  Good bye my nemesis, summer, for now at least.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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One Response to Scorched Earth & Random Early Fall Musings

  1. Heeman says:

    Scorched Earth is the name of my new speed metal band.

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