Some Stones

Straight from the NCM Fathom site…

NCM Fathom, More2Screen, and Eagle Rock are partnering to present a never-before-seen Rolling Stones concert filmed live in Fort Worth, Texas on July 18, 1978. The Rolling Stones Some Girls tour is widely believed to be one of the bands’ greatest concerts, largely because it was in many ways back to basics both in musical and staging terms. It meant a return to a mixture of classic Stones numbers (“Tumbling Dice,” “Honky Tonk Woman”, “Brown Sugar”, and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”) mixed with blues numbers and Chuck Berry covers, as well as including a large number of songs from the newly released Some Girls LP, including “Miss You” and “Beast of Burden”.

In addition to this never-before-seen concert event, fans will get to see an exclusive interview with Mick Jagger, where he will reflect on memories of this great concert and its significance in the band’s history.

This spectacular rock extravaganza will hit theatres on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 7:30pm local time. Don’t miss it!

For anyone who has not seen these Fathom Events production (Opera, Theater, etc.) on a big screen it is pretty slick and the Stones will be a can’t miss.  Tickets are on sale and I know for me the Regal Cantera 30 (Old AMC Cantera 30) in Naperville is on the list for this one.  Check it out.


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