Not in the mood

To write lately.  Plenty of thoughts, good and mostly bad but again just not feeling it.  However, I am going to take a moment to reflect on this whole Occupy Movement. In essence I get it and agree.  The whole system is clearly flipped on its’ head and right now the top %1 and then maybe a 15% middle and then 84% who are fucked.  I do feel like the citizens of this country are owed a certain amount of a social safety net to prevent them from crashing out in full.  I do believe that the top 1% or so should pay more.

However, I do not think it is the top 1% or even top 5% saying NO, we will not pay more.  I think they are saying we will pay more but show us why and what it will do.  I think the folks that are saying NO are the supporting cast of these 1% such as lawyers, politicians, financial managers and others who merely live a parasitic life off of them.

I also think the whole Occupy Movement is a little crazy for a few things –

  1. Way, way to broad of a message. Once you let PETA in I am checked out.  You want to have a movement to discuss our system, that is fine but do not include Henrietta the pig as well in it.
  2. Net net.  What is the net goal you want to get?  I have not heard that once.  Not from anyone at anytime.
And since you all do not know what you want I will tell you what you want……you want to OCCUPY WALL STREET.  That does not mean live in the streets and listen to ecuadorian pan flutes.  That means go get fucking jobs even at the lowest levels and OCCUPY WALL STREET.  That is where change can occur.  Inside always, never from the outside.  Why do you think it is fucked now?  Wall St. is run by a generation who were told that they must do better than their parents and they thought it meant dollars only.  It never occurred to the 50-60 year olds that maybe it meant to BE BETTER and not just GET MORE.
You want change then go get jobs in the industry and then fight inside the ring instead of just being a commentator or critic watching the whole thing.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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