Too Many Movies

On my most recent flight to China via Cathay Pacific I was in no mood to read or do random catch up work.  I was ready and well prepared for my trip so i decided to take a look at what Cathay offered on the personal screens as normally I fly American and they have zilch.  American Airlines is the king of showing horrible romantic comedies and I think they are contractually obligated to showing at least one Sandra Bullock movie per 3 hours.

So I tune into the Cathay screen and see that they are offering almost 100 movies!  First reaction, super excited as my movie going days have dwindled with the 3rd minion arriving 2 years ago unless you count endless animated offerings (Some are good though I admit).  Second reaction, it is like having cable, 100 channels and not a whole lot of good stuff but I was able to watch 10, yes 10 movies over the 2 flights.  Here are my quick thoughts as I need to get these out of my head.

  1. Green Lantern – 5/10.  Ryan Reynolds was not so bad as the Green Lantern but Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard were horribly cast.  Sarsgaard is a great actor and I dig him but just used poorly in this one and Lively is just a waste of every moment.  She plays a fighter/test pilot/CEO type and this is less believable than any other element of a FUCKING COMIC BOOK MOVIE.  It made me pine for Paltrow in the Iron Man flicks and then I had to slap myself for that thought.  This movie in the end just showed all the flaws with DC characters in general.  They all (With the exception of that fruit loop Batboy) rely on some power from another world that they then squander in some way shape or form.
  2. Expendables – 6/10.  Yes, it was cheesy but the 80’s child in me liked certain parts of it but I can live without seeing any more important speeches from Mickey Rourke.  And nice job type casting Jet Li.
  3. Tree of Life – 2/10.  This is the one I was most excited to see in truth.  I liked what I had read and I am one of the few people (I think) who can enjoy Brad Pitt (A River Runs Through It still kills me).  This movie was abysmal and I hope to god it does not get any Oscar nods.  What they tried to capture was impressive but Terrence Malick (Director) got to distracted in his own ploys to really tell a story.  It started off so promising and went downhill so quickly.  Really a bummer.
  4. LennonNYC – 8/10.  This was a really well done documentary regarding the life of John Lennon in that late 70’s/80’s period.  I really thought that they took a great angle on this by showing his fall out from Yoko and his times in LA due to this and how LA left him a bit soulless and why he needed NY so badly.  It also makes you think about his influence in politics at that delicate time and if he would still be able to carry weight now.  It seems that the baby boomers who grew up with Lennon really lost sight of what they were and I wonder if he was still alive it would give them a better chance to look in the mirror.  Really enjoyable.
  5. Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon – 5/10.  Michael Bay is really a moron.  He is the only director who can run a franchise in the ground with his own stupidity. Full disclosure – i never saw the 2nd one but I am guessing I am not missing much.  I love a fun summer blockbuster.  I need my popcorn movie and it does not need to be weighty or even well written.  Just entertain me damn it for 2 hours and we will call it a win win.  However, Bay cannot even do that.  And also horrible casting continues in this and they would have been a lot better with Megan Fox.
  6. Beginning of the Great Revival – 5/10.  I thought I was going to be watching the Founding of the Republic so that was my fault as i got the titles mixed up.  This movie follows the beginning of the Chinese revolution from a more academic standpoint.  I wish I would have liked this more but poor editing did this one in from the start.  A shame and now I still need to see the Founding of the Republic.
  7. X-Men: First Class – 6.5/10.  I am a huge Marvel/X-Men fan but for some reason I had no desire to see this.  The casting seemed off front he beginning and the fact that they strayed from the original group annoyed me as well.  It turned out to be a pretty good movie but the timeline was a mess for any fan.  James McAvoy did a nice job as a young X, Michael Fassbender was decent (Better than expected) as Magneto and the star was really Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.  The lowlight was January Jones and she was a real scene killer.  That girl cannot act period.
  8. Gangs of New York – 8/10.  I decided to go back and watch this one just to get a really solid film in.  I love this one and I still think Leo should have won for this as he counter balanced Daniel Day Lewis fantastically.  Cameron Diaz is still a waste in this one but I did not expect that to change.
  9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – 6/10.  It is what it is but they wasted Mr. Ian McShane.  Depp is still just fun to watch on the screen and Cruz filled her role well.  I like that this one was a lot more straightforward plot wise but McShane just could have been used more and better.
  10. Fast Five – 4/10.  I know.  I was scraping at the bottom of the barrel on this one and I got what I deserved.
Still 10 movies over 2 days is pretty fun and not a bad way to kill time regardless of the quality in my humble opinion.

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2 Responses to Too Many Movies

  1. Sheila says:

    Did I tell you to see Drive yet? Fucking amazing.

    Oh, and that Ryan Gosling, he is a total hottie.

  2. martineden says:

    Someone else told me that is was well done. I dig Ryan Gosling (minus any stupid Nicholas Sparks books). Lars and the Real Girl killed me. I will try to remember that for the next trip in Jan. By the way…check out a show called Luther off BBC. Dark as shit cop show that is gritty like Detroit 187 was (Damn you ABC) and Southland but more personal and slightly more evil. Now that I am thinking of it at times it feels like the movie Seven.

    I only wish Paltrow’s head would up in a box in this one though.

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