Quality Is Quality

Some products are just quality and some are not.  Two that I have thought about or encountered recently.

If Jesus himself came down to good old planet earth he could not make a better jeans.  No jeans are even close to Levi’s and most are really, really far away from a quality and looks standpoint.  I do not understand cultures that do not embrace denim (Such as China) or people who would rather wear Dockers or some other form of “slacks” instead of Levi’s.  You all make me suspicious.  I also get a feeling that when the so-called Rapture happens the folks who are left behind are going to be wearing Lee’s (That means you Brett Favre) and any type of so called “fashion denim”.

Talk about a consistently crappy product.  Each bottle of Perrier should come with a special label from the Surgeon General that states “This is water but it is not really refreshing”.  No matter what, it always seems warm (poor bottle design I imagine) and the bubbles seem to be too tiny and lacking any real kick.  I know this is showing me for the prick I am but it’s true (The Perrier comments and also the fact that I am a prick).  Perrier is to San Pellegrino as Pepsi is to Coke.  One is meant for man prior to evolution and the other is perfect.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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