I Do Like To Watch Still

Over the last 12 months I have developed a serious problem regarding watches and I am not quite ready to seek treatment for it.  I have only purchased 2 so far but again my tastes are impeccable and quite expensive so this does forbid me from going truly crazy if I still want to feed and clothe my minions.  However, my favorite part about the watch collecting process is the hunt.  The endless research and discovery regarding new brands, styles, etc.  I can sit online for 3-4 hours every day bouncing from watch site to watch site and just watch myself falling further and further down the rabbit hole.

On a recent jaunt down said rabbit hole I came across the Human Time Project and wanted to pass it along…

Human Time Project

The bottom line is this – tons of medical personal around the world lack a good watch.  Lacking a good (not nice looking, good meaning quality and reliable) watch can hurt the thousands of people these fine folks treat and that is not good.  So the deal is like Toms (Buy a pair of shoes and they donate a pair to a child), so if you buy a watch they donate a watch.  The watch is simple and quartz (I know I hate quarts but they need to keep the cost down) but it is nice looking and serves a purpose.

So during this gift giving season maybe check out The Human Time Project or Toms and in the process of getting a nice gift for someone (or yourself) help someone else out.

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