Decisions always weigh on our minds and for those of us who simply cannot shut down or even slow down our own brains this can be debilitating.  I often need to remind myself of the key decisions that need to be made in the day, work or personal, and make sure I pursue those issues until they are concluded otherwise the pile of “need to do now” shit grows exponentially and then I am in the land of the fucked.  The Holidays are no different but my current dilemma that I need to close is as follows –

  • How to surprise my minions with an upcoming trip to Disney World?

My thoughts so far are –

  1. Wait until we are at the airport and spring it on them (Leading contender).
  2. The night before via some type of elaborate word game / pictionary, etc.
  3. The morning that they wake up with words on balloons or something like that.
  4. Ten additional crazy things.

Right now #1 is the leading contender and I think I would give them a little gift to unwrap at the airport (prior to security) to help seal the deal and keep the focus and enthusiasm for the flight.  Still not sure but this needs to get done asap.


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I am not here to please anyone.
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