Quick Hits

I need to continue to do some quick hits as nothing has really stuck in my craw for the last few weeks or at least stuck enough to make we want to ridicule and attack it for 250+ words.  I actually feel quite positive but I am a big fan of December and the Holidays in general.  Come January I will be all shitty again but for now let the good cheer rain down on the BM.

  1. Season finale of S.O.A.  Best show on TV just keeps getting better and I super interested to see where this one ends up.  Mr. Sutter has always wrapped up his seasons cleanly so that the next season can burst out with some fresh disaster based on new lies and new deceits.  This does not seem possible for this season but we shall see next Tuesday.  Again, anyone who has not seen S.O.A. check it out on Netflix and you be addicted.
  2. Foo Fighters Wasted Light is a helluva of album.  I have gone back to this one recently a lot and it ranks at the top of my FF collection.
  3. Occupy Whatever.  So what is the end goal.  You tell me what you are hoping for other than never having to go home again.
  4. Hahahaha newt Gingrich is your new “it” of the month.  You are screwed.  And not in the Herman Cain type of way.
  5. Pedophiles.  How about we all agree on this one – if you are convicted of a crime involving pedophilia (And no I do not mean a 17 year old with a 16 year old so no stupid semantics please) we just have an automatic death penalty?  Any dissenters?
  6. I am tired of the folks who gripe about the Holidays being rammed down our throats earlier and earlier each year.  If you want to make it about money and retail commerce than do it but otherwise some of us like to think of it as a happy season to think about your loved ones and if that overview starts a bit sooner I can live with it.  Even the BM has no belligerence toward the Holidays.
  7. Arthur Christmas was not a good movie.  Don’t tell me it was cute.
  8. Epiphone SG vs. Les Paul Epiphone?  I want to get a guitar and for some reason I cannot commit.
  9. If I could pick one celebrity to disappear forever…..Katherine Heigl…..your my special someone.  Now go off and die.
  10. To my dear wife who saw the latest Twilight movie last week…I kinda like saying I told you so.  Bad books + Bad actors + actress = Bad Movies.
  11. I need to get my Christmas decorations up and done in the next 3 days to make some time for painting.  I am craving it now and that can;t be bad for anyone but the canvases.

And finally, 11 years of marriage is a good thing especially when it has been a good/great 11 years.  Marriage is not tough work when you are with the right person.  Marriage should make the rest of life easier and if anyone says anything different they are wrong and should not be married.  Just because we can marry as a species does NOT mean we should….unless it is right for you.  I was meant to be married…to only one person and luckily I found her, clubbed her and never let her leave my cave.  Here is to another 11 years in the same cave with you with less diapers.


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6 Responses to Quick Hits

  1. Sheila says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Are you that cynical that you only toasted to 11 more years vs an eternity, or were you just trying to be poetic?

    ps is Romeo in on something or just paying way too much money to the wrong people?

  2. martineden says:

    Thank you. I am that cynical except when it comes to the weefe. I was thinking at 11 we are close to getting rid of the minions and then it is back to easy street.

    And no I think Romeo is paying the right people……..but I think Lincoln (DEA agent) is working for the other cartel or someone else as his motives are not justice. Something is super fishy about him and that is what I am really excited to see. God bless that show and I know I owe you for that one.

  3. Ankle Grease says:

    First off happy anniversary….who knew? Not me. Second if you wanna couple great recent records get the new Mastodon record and new Chris Cornell acoustic cd. Shows loud and clear why he’s got the best voice in rock period, no contest.

  4. martineden says:

    Nice name. I am interested in the new mastodon but not sure I would enjoy an entire album of theirs as the last thing I need is a harder and faster Dream Theater. On the Cornell it will be worth a listen as long as he does not wuss out like his last solo album and his entire career with Audioslave. I hate when a metal dude tries to act not like a metal dude.

  5. Bewil says:

    “3 Occupy Whatever. So what is the end goal. You tell me what you are hoping for other than never having to go home again.”
    My group is standing strong in protest for 4 things, 1 – equality: income, race, sexual orientation, and a higher stander-ed for taking care of our troops upon their return home from war. I am doing this not for our generation but for our children’s generation… there is no hope for us.

    “Epiphone SG vs. Les Paul Epiphone? I want to get a guitar and for some reason I cannot commit.”
    Myself personally I am an acoustic freak I got for Christmas the year after my mother passes away, it was a baby blue Gibson… The name of the song escapes me how ever the artist that used it was Pam Tillis.
    But, hey what do I know I am just a chick.

    Happy Anniversary Guy, & I hope she can tolerate your ass for another 11 years and then some.

  6. martineden says:

    I think all the goals you have put forward are admirable and do not disagree with any of them in any way at all. My questions still stands regarding the end goal though. I am not sure how the current occupy movement (not trying to mock honestly) is going to achieve any of this goals from the outside. I think the key element to those goals is the same as the financial reform is to be working in the respective sectors to push change from within and that takes decades, not months.

    I need electric. Acoustic would not hide my lack of ability nearly as much as I need it to. I also like the idea of just plugging it right into a portable amp and into headphones.

    I think the next 11 will be another cake walk but I could be wrong.

    Thanks and be good.

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