83% Certain

I think the Halios 1000M (aka “Puck”) is going to be my next watch.  I love the lug less design of this bad boy and seem some great flexibility regarding different straps.  The price is going to be spot on (less than $1K) and I like the idea of having a true diver in the collection.  This one would tide me over for quite some time I think and make my rotation a bit more complete.  If this had a display back it would be spot on perfect for me but  the imposing 47mm size is a major attraction for me and will make me forget about that pretty quickly once it is sitting on my wrist.

Take a look at these guys if you are interested in a unique micro brand of watch making….Halios.  And now for the wrist porn…

The Puck

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2 Responses to 83% Certain

  1. Ankle Grease says:

    It’s cool but I’m not sure I’m a fan of lungless design…..can’t tell yet.

  2. Ankle Grease says:

    Lugless frickin auto spelling on iPad.

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