Do You ❤ Legalized Prostitution

Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards...But Still Prefer Cash

Has anyone heard of the dating site WHAT’S YOUR PRICE.COM?  This is quite a unique dating site and I am listing some highlights from their website and listing which section this is in so as not to embellish or confuse anything –

  • is an online dating website and marketplace where users can buy or sell the opportunity of going out on a first date. (ABOUT US)
  • provides a platform where generous and attractive singles can negotiate and agree on a price for a first date. By providing this additional monetary incentive, is able to help people meet those they really want to meet – Guaranteed! (ABOUT US)
  • For those who have high standards, and are willing to pay for the chance to go out on a first date with beautiful and attractive people, offers another amazing online venue where you can meet thousands of gorgeous girls.  (ABOUT US)
  • For those who are beautiful and attractive, going out with someone on a first date no longer has to be a waste of time. In fact, on its an opportunity! You’ll get compensated for the time you spend meeting someone new, and you’ll have the chance to improve the odds of finding that perfect relationship by meeting generous people you normally wouldn’t meet. (ABOUT US)
  • Best of all, attractive users can use the website 100% free. (ABOUT US)
  • Three Steps – Fill out your profile and upload a photo.  Make an offer or accept an offer.  Send a message to set up the date. (HOW IT WORKS)
  • Etiquette –  DO NOT pay or ask anyone for payment prior to meeting for a date – If someone asks you to send money by Western Union, report them immediately – Generous members are expected to pay for the date (there’s no going dutch here) – Our advice: Pay 50% of the date at the start of the date, and 50% at the end – DO NOT accept personal checks or cashier’s checks – there’s just too much fraud – CASH is king, and pay only when you meet your date in person (HOW IT WORKS)

My favorite part of this has to be the section of people’s profiles where they list what they are interested in.  The categories include –

  • Short Term Relationship / Dating
  • Friendship / Activity Partner
  • Long Term Relationship / Marriage Minded
  • Mutually Beneficial Arrangements (Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby)
  • Married Dating / Discreet Affair
  • Casual Dating / No Strings Attached

Look if you want to pay someone for sex or for dating that is cool with me.  I just have to admit that I find this almost to be too funny to be true.  I mean c’mon the tag line in their ad is “For The Generous, For The Attractive”.  I also like the fact that they keep trying to tie this back to it being like a charity auction with the slogan “It’s done for charity – Now do it for Love”.  Is anyone on this thing for love other than the kind you find and ditch within 20-30 minutes?  Also how many dating websites tell you to pay 50% in advance and the balance at the completion of the date?

And finally I think the key is that they posted a photo of the founder of  What’s Your Price and list his accomplishments as also being the founder of and –

Did it all for the nookie. Yes, the nookie.

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4 Responses to Do You ❤ Legalized Prostitution

  1. Heeman says:

    So many comments on this one that my head is going to explode.

  2. Ankle Grease says:

    What’s a truck stop blowjob cost?

  3. Sheila says:

    Omg how did you find this? It’s classic. I especially liked this profile of a generous member looking for a date:

    Daniel_Banker (Generous Male)
    Durham, North Carolina, United States – Willing To Travel
    We can say we met in Paris.
    Age: 35 (Pisces)
    Body Type: 5’10” (178cm) – Athletic
    Hair / Eyes: Black / Brown
    Education: Graduate Degree
    Children: No Children
    Ethnicity: Mixed Race
    Religion: Agnostic / Non-religious
    Smoking / Drinking: Non-Smoker / Social Drinker

    About Me:
    Apologies for not having the patience to self-summarize, please don’t take the curt description the wrong way, I do have lots to say, but here’s an assortment of «what have you’s»

    so maybe you heard/read about the little finance scandal we hit back in NYC.
    Am here now away from the financial crisis and bears/bulls/zoo of wall street.
    I still am in Banking, ethical banking.
    whatever that means till the next bubble.

    I am an investment banker
    Advising companies on how to raise money

    I am looking for someone to build with, long term

    I travel a lot: within Europe and far asia.
    which might sound fun…but i would rather travel with someone

    Am a mixed race guy

    I love 90’s country music just as much as sludge metal and Bhangara. I’m an avid collector of all things vintage, I am currently fascinated by thermophiles, seed patents, stencil art and Mitchell Joachim

    I’m really good at
    Among other things….5 years in Sweden
    so i can snowboarding like nobody’s business
    even though i was born in Cali and spent many years growing up in Sao Paulo…far from any mountains

    I have a real knack for languages, whimsical fancy, chaotic and spontaneous existence, binomial probability formulas- ok maybe not- but I do good impressions of people from time to time.

    I also used to work with F1 teams, and was in Monaco a bit for that.

    The first things people usually notice about me
    ..why are you always in a suit.

    PS..please do NOT get in touch with me for the sole intention of only an intimate relationship.
    hmm..maybe i am on the wrong site.
    My First Date Expectations:
    Want to make sure she has a wonderful time, with me

  4. martineden says:

    #1 – I am unsure what a truck stop blow job costs as the most up to date price list I have for all roadside services is around 94-95 I think. At that time I was more concerned with products as opposed to services though.

    #2 – The profiles are the funniest part of the whole site. I kept thinking to myself as I was reading a few that they must be fake or generated from the database but the more I thought about it they made sense. That is frightening.

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