A Long Line Of Bad Ideas Continues Via Posterous

Simple test to see my thoughts on linking some sites up.  I do not / will not ever use FB as I do not like 98% of the people I once knew and 99% of them do not like me.  Let’s not kid ourselves here as I am always willing to admit I am a bastard and no need for the silly rebukes or posturing.  I do however love the BM as I have been writing out of my little hermit cave for almost 8 years now and if not for the BM I might be a hermit living in cave without a tiny little air shaft and that would go ripe quickly.  I am attempting to link a few things up though including twitter (yes, it is for morons but my short post style works there and I follow lots of bands, writers, etc. off it), the BM site at wordpress and even adapt to some additional mobile sites including instagram, etc.  Let’s see if posterous is for me or another wasted evening concept.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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One Response to A Long Line Of Bad Ideas Continues Via Posterous

  1. sheila says:

    omg stop tinkering.

    on the other hand, what about tumblr?


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