Sorry & Fuck You

Ok so my blog posts for the last few days have sucked. In general I was monkeying around with posterous and instagram so instead of saying test I just typed in something different. I apologize. I will get back to actual content this week.

However, I on accident deleted a comment from a “Houston Keebler” that could have been spam or might have been a regular comment. #1, i am sorry as I do not delete comments even if they annoy the piss out of me. I have no issue with disharmony and generally welcome it. #2, Fuck you. You cannot come to a site called “Belligerent man”, and then to paraphrase for deleted comment (again, sorry) – “gripe about the fact that I said nothing, did nothing and generally seem to bitch a lot”. Ummm, no shit little elf. That is why it is called the BM in the first place. I did not name it “Home of the Happy” or “Let me fix the world” did I you sappy little green hat wearing troll?

It is called the Belligerent Man only because I thought the title “I’m an asshole, but I hate you more” seemed overtly expressive.

So again, sorry and fuck off.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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