Spirit Boost Today

After 3 miserable days in LA I am all too happy to be back in Chicago now with no further work travel coming up for December (85% certain of this).  I like LA, not love, but this trip just sucked.

I caught a fever on the first day and basically went from appointment with cold shivers to bed with cold shivers and hit repeat on that pattern for 72 hours.  A trip to LA without hitting an In-N-Out Burger or catching one non kid movie (Saying adult movie would have led us down the wrong path) make it just seem incomplete.  LA is not my town but missing a few of the things I like about it and just getting to visit the highways and strip malls feels like a rip off.  The other sucky part is that my middle minions god parents just had a kid and I did not even get a chance to see the little hellion as I am thoughtful enough not to pass on night sweats to the parents or the kid.

Also, LA at the Holidays is just goofy.  The decorations and the whole make up of the city is just off.  I know I will not win fans by saying this but I do think the midwest/east coast folks have a distinct advantage in Holiday festivities just based on our climate.  Maybe it is surface deep but this book I am willing to judge by its cover after 15 years of traveling.

Being back today I was finally able to finish decorating the house by adding spotlights to the front and lighting up the pergola in the backyard and I will post the pergola shots later as I love looking at my personal Acropolis every moment I can.  Somehow just knocking that off (albeit late) and being back in the 30’s made everything seem better.  God bless our crappy weather.

And on a side note, if you are the type of person who gets super annoyed when stores put up Holiday shit early, shut the fuck up.  If you don’t enjoy it or just see the crass commercialism in it too bad.  I see holiday lights and I for a few moments just feel good.  Even if those same lights are on a pine tree outside a wallyworld on November 3rd.



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2 Responses to Spirit Boost Today

  1. Well said, but it does annoy the shit out of me to see Christmas decorations advertised in October. I’m ready for them when the seasonal affective nonsense starts kicking in around mid-November–seems to respond nicely to a treatment of twinkling lights. Yes, the east coast has it going on for the holidays.

    Happy holidays, my belligerent buddy. Keep up the good rants!

  2. martineden says:

    I am fine with Christmas stuff starting in October truthfully. However, I would then like to eliminate a few other semi holidays (St. Patricks, Valentines) and drastically reduce the celebration of others (4th of July – PLEASE NO MORE FLAG SHIRTS).

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