Why You Will Not Win

Listen, Romney is the best candidate the GOP has this year and they really, really do not want to admit it. They can try to rally around Newt all they want but they hate Newt even more than the President. Even Newt does not want to win once he gets his holiday book sales bounce.

However, tonight’s GOP debate gave me all the info on Romney to know he cannot win in a full on election. The reason, obviously he is totally out of touch with the public and for that I cannot fault him, but the fact he cannot hide it shows he cannot win. He made a casual bet with Rick Perry for $10,000. Let me repeat that with a little perspective – He bet a man who has no shot at winning a 3rd grade spelling bee an amount that less than 30% of Americans have saved for their own retirement.

I might be wrong Mitt, but good luck “identifying” with the middle class when you just bet their retirement savings vs. a texas hillbilly. And good luck spinning this into a charity bet tomorrow.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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