Back & Really?

Back as of midnight. 5 whirlwind days of Walt Disney World and I will try to compose some thoughts and lists in the next couple days along with celebrating all the things I hate in 2011. However, while waiting to fly out of the lovely Orlando airport I was looking to purchase gum. Simple chewing gum. One of my great pleasures in life until I was told…NO GUM SALES. And why is that I ask with my mouth agape –

“The airport has banned gum sales for years, citing the cleanup hassle when the gooey gook winds up in carpets, on cushions and under pay phones.”

Really? I mean your not fucking with me ma’am is abut what I said but opted for “really” two times instead. Florida, Florida, Florida is all I can say.

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I am not here to please anyone.
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5 Responses to Back & Really?

  1. Sheila says:

    Ok that’s just fucking communistic.

  2. Sheila says:

    ps in what world is it 6:34 pm right now? Is your gps for this blog set to Guam?

  3. martineden says:

    I know, gum. What the hell is the purpose of any shop in any airport without gum.

    And yes, I am huge in Guam. Guam makes up most of my readers as they are very upset with the world in general. Time nazi.

  4. Well, that’s pretty much bullshit. What about people who chew gum for the altitude issues? I hate airports.

  5. martineden says:

    I like airports in general but that is just a bad policy. Something about airports that I find happiness in right away but I still love to travel after 15 years and 2 million plus miles. They calm me in a way that makes no sense.

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