Does not exist in a virtual world.  Sincerity does not exist in Facebook, blogs or twitter. When I see these stupid morons pouring out love or loss I want to fucking strangle them with an old fashioned coiled phone cord.

“My dog is dying but it is so hard to watch” – However it is a lot easier to type about it and maybe post a photo of the poor animal in misery.  It is a lot easier as you are an attention whore and the attention is your anesthetic, not the dogs.

“Playing a game with my kid.  I love the special one on one time” – How the fuck do you know as you are too busy writing about it?  Again, if you play with you kids but your 613 closest friends on Facebook don’t know about does it count?

“At the emergency room now as my little kid just fell and cracked their head, send your prayers” – I am not sending you shit.  Not one single fucking prayer.  If you need a prayer put down your phone and go do it you piece o’ shit.  Maybe in 10 years you can show your  child how much you cared on that night since you posted about it….with a picture too!

This is just the post side of this insincere hell hole.  The replies are like watching idiots multiply themselves.   Don’t send you best wishes, your prayers, your love as you are lying.

Remember when God said “be fruitful and multiply” he WAS NOT talking directly to you.

Fucking A+ Annoyed.


Full disclosure – I see FB shit due to managing a business FB site.

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9 Responses to Sincerity

  1. Okay, so I might have fallen into the jackass category today, if this post is an indicator. I posted on 5 random acts of kindness I have planned for 2012, but do they still count if I plan on not posting status updates after I do the deeds in question? Because I don’t plan to update my status for them. Is there a line? Does anyone have a sincere blog or update? I’d hate to believe that everyone is an a-hole.

  2. Krampus says:

    Sounds like the BM needs a hug.

  3. martineden says:

    Thanks for the comment Amber. Acts of kindness or any types of acts really are not the target of my post. I have a few friends who use Facebook for things like updating their families when they get engaged (KUDOS Mr. & Soon To Be Mrs. H) to something as simple as a new pillow purchase and I although I do not use FB I grasp it.

    What I hate is the need the need to post something in the hopes of getting a spotlight. The examples I listed where actual FB posts I saw in the last 2 days. Can you imagine being at the hospital with your kid and taking a photo of your kid on a gurney and posting a note about it! #1 you should be doing 10,000 other things prior to that. #2 do you need to let 415 people know about that and finally #3, what is your fucking motivation.

    The motivation is what drives me nuts. Why are you doing it? The only reason, whether a person wants to admit it or not is to garner a response to them! To them! It is not for the benefit of the kid or family for damn sure.

    It is simply the old tree in the forest question that these people need to think about. Do they need to post something to make it real? Can they live without 628 people knowing about their every move?

    And no, I never, ever need a hug.

  4. Somehow, I absolutely agree!
    emotional exhibitionism has received a huge boost with blogging and facebook!

  5. martineden says:

    Emotional Exhibitionism! Holy crap that is the best term I have heard in awhile. I am going to hijack that one. Brilliant.

  6. Martin, based on the response, I have to agree. Wtf would someone be posting on FB with their child in the ER? They should be tending their child, because nobody really cares about their business online anyway.

    P.S. No hugs noted. Maybe sneak an occasional one. Haha!

  7. Bewil says:

    I see nothing has really changed with you. you are quick to criticize something that you do not use. With you it is always a SSDD. Now I am not saying I do not agree with you. I have a FB, which is private profile, with a few exceptions. One of which I have been posting public photos in hopes of finding out who some of them, as they are old family photos. That I found while going thorough my Grandmothers belongings. I do however agree that someone with 200+ friends on FB are looking for nothing more then attention from any where they can get it from…. wait… that sounds like someone I know….

  8. martineden says:

    So wait, you agree so therefore you are saying….

    And it is true, I do not change. I can learn and adapt to life but by 30+ years old you better be able to choose what you like and dislike and who you wish to be. And if I am looking for attention with this blog I am really screwed.

  9. Bewil says:

    Just saying, as i always have told you, do not knock it before you try it, but we both know you are not one for chance or change as you have already stated in the above reply.
    I hope you do not think I was implying you are the one that is in need of all the attention you can get… unless you have a guilty conscience? But for those that really know you, knows that is not you, you prefer to hide rather then interact with others unless you just have to. And, For all you know I could be talking about my self, maybe realizing after reading your post, that I am the one in need of all the attention I can grab….. or Maybe I was talking about some one else altogether.

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