Airport Music

Every day I thank Mr. Jobs for the iPod as I remember the days of lugging my newest discman through the airport along with 20 of my favorite CD’s and I can say it sucked.  The fact that I can walk around with my favorite 58.8gb’s worth of music makes life that much better.

On that note you need good airport music to put you in the right frame of mind.  Most people like to listen to tracks that calm them down or put them in a positive frame of mind. However, the BM is never looking for a positive frame of mind.  I am looking for shit to stimulate my senses or make me want to put a dull pencil in someone’s eye socket.  My newest “airport disc” is going to have to be There Is No Competition: Grieving Music; Mixtape 2 by Fabolous.  Track #2, I’m Raw, has some of the best lines ever including –

  • “It’s suspect as R. Kelly with girl scout cookies”
  • “You looking for your girl?  Oh she just left, her and my dick just became BFF’s and then I threw her out like Jazzy J E F F.
  • “My shit bananas like a monkey #2”

The rest is worth your time as he can turn a phrase like KW.  He also has an ability to ride a hard and pop edge at the same time and that is why he is killing it.

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One Response to Airport Music

  1. I love your airport musical selection, but you know I’m a Fabolous fan 🙂

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