Shut Up For 2 Minutes

I am not sure when it became all the rage to talk incessantly in an elevator but someone needs to put a quick stop to this. If your friend cannot wait the 2 minute ride to hear about your inane life and good fortune then you should move on in life without them. If your partner needs to discuss the details of your family life and future plans as soon as you step in an elevator I am going to ruin the ending for you….you will get divorced in less than 3 years.

Please learn to be civil and shut the fuck up if you are sharing the elevator with others. i love to people watch and even overhear the odd conversation in a public place but an elevator is like a church. Shhhhhhhhhh. Nothing you have to say, ever, is so important you need to squeeze it in right then.

This lesson in civility brought to you be the belligerent, yet civil man.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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