New Work







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I am not here to please anyone.
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2 Responses to New Work

  1. Lottie Nevin says:

    You’ve inspired me. I particularly like the 4th and the last one. I’ve just put up my drawing desk and now going to unpack the easel. Irishmans in meetings all weekend which is a total piss as it’s my birthday but rather than stamp my feet about it, I now know what I’m going to do instead.

  2. martineden says:

    Well happy birthday. It is CNY so a party of some sort of another should not be too far from you in that neck of the woods. Thanks for the compliment as well as it is a real struggle to show this stuff for me. The best part is just trying to work whatever I have stuck in my head out on the canvas and I missed the hell of it the last 3 weeks. Enjoy your coconut milk and, well whatever else you can mix with it in Jakarta as I know they love their coconut milk.

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