It’s Back!
Ok, last year I started a bit too early and this year I am starting a little later than I expected but in the end all that matters is that you sign up, hand over your $5.00 entry feee and then we see who wins!
What you ask?
It is of course that time of year when we start the Marlovits Academy Award Pool (6th Annual)!  The 84th Annual Academy Awards Show is on Sunday, February 26th (ABC) at 7pm (CST).  It is hosted by none other than the living legend of a host, Billy Crystal, so it is sure to slightly entertain the majority of viewers.
I have attached the 2012 ballot (I can send it to you if you are interested but this is the email I sent out tonight)  for your use including the 2 tie breakers.  If you have trouble opening or using it let me know and I will send you a plain document version that you can use as well.  Please fill it out and return it to either or at  The rules are the same to you veterans out there but here is a quick summary –
  • Fill out the entire ballot (guessing is highly encouraged, more on that below)
  • Send the ballot in or hand it over
  • Including your $5.00 entry that you can pay anyway you like (Including paypal at, I make paying super easy!)
  • Sit back and enjoy the Oscars and follow live results and score updates at
This year I will be in the comfort of my home watching the show as opposed to live blogging in China last year so it should be a tad quicker and easier.  The winner last year received $85.00 and I am hoping we can get the winner a bit more this year.  I will confirm the dollar prizes the night before for reference but generally we give 90% to the winner.
A couple final points to this super long and interesting email –
  • Follow me at as I will post news and info from other shows to help or hinder you in your final selection.
  • NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE has seen all the movies so do not sweat it.  It is only $5 and it is for fun and maybe some bragging rights.
  • If you know someone (Please pass on to your lovely spouses as well) who might be interested in joining in please share it with them as the more money the merrier.
  • The night before the show I will of course post my ballot for full disclosure.
  • This website will get a bit Oscar heavy for the next 2 weeks but not every day!

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  1. martineden says:

    I also forgot to mention that you are of curse welcome to enter your pets and children as long as you turn in a complete ballot and $5 I do not care if you enter 30 times to enhance your chances of winning. We have had a dog win this thing so I am not in search of contestant integrity.

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