I Knew It

The other night I went and checked out Motorhead and Megadeth at the Argon Ballroom in Chicago courtesy of a buddy of mine. It sucked a bit as I had to go alone as everyone I knew had backed out or could not, did not want to come. However, I had never seen Motorhead and felt it was a legacy show that I owed to myself. Megadeth was more a throw in as I have seen them 4-5 times and normally they are decent to good.

Motorhead was good but not the mind blowing act I expected. The band was ten times tighter than I expected but Lemmy was 1/2 as good as I thought he would be live. He just seemed to lack a fire in his belly or maybe it was just my own anticipation that let me down. Either way I was glad I caught and I can cross that off my bucket list.

Megadeth on the other end was a different story. I had fairly high hopes for them as Dave Mustaine has assembled a fairly decent band again instead of the usual Guitar Center rentals he usually tours with. And that part was dead on, the rest of the band was pretty good but this time Mustaine felt flat. First off I thought it was the Hetfield syndrome…ala quit drinking and turn to mush but then I saw a yahoo news story today and it all came into focus –

“Dave Mustaine Backs Rick Santorum”

Yep. He is officially a dip shit and crossed off my future show list.

****I wrote this on the plane flying home and when I got back I read how Mr. Mustaine said he only said it was a cool thing (Santorum leaving the campaign trail to visit his sick daughter) and not an endorsement.  Sure it is cool but who the fuck would not leave whatever they are doing to be with their kid?

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2 Responses to I Knew It

  1. Anonymous says:

    no comment on the “backed out”….I wouldnt have missed it if not for bad circumstances, bummer it wasnt a great show..

  2. martineden says:

    Family shit that is out of town kinda trumps any concert (I think that includes Greg Dulli/Afghan Whigs but not 100% sure). If you were to miss a show that was a good one to miss though to be honest. When Lacuna Coil is the highlight of my night I know I am fucked.

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