6th Annual Academy Award Pool Results – FINAL

After a third round of cross checking and an additional audit the committee is now able release the final scores.  And the winner of the 6th Annual Marlovits Academy Award Pool is……
  1. Ann F – 65
  2. TIE – Eric F & Joseph M – 64 (Tie)
  3. Candice R – 62
  4. Matt P – 60
  5. David H – 59
  6. Lisa N – 58
  7. TIE – Rosemary M & Juli P – 57
  8. Olivia M – 56
  9. Mr. B – 52
  10. TIE – Chris M & Riley P – 49
  11. Norah M – 47
  12. TIE – Kent F & Paula S – 45
  13. Rhea M – 43
  14. Erin G – 42
  15. Sara B – 41
  16. Lindsay M – 37
  17. Bob B – 34
  18. Quinn P – 31
  19. Lis T – 30
  20. Erik J – 25
  21. TIE – Janice H & Jamie M – 22
  22. Erin S – 21
  23. Erin J – 19
  24. Lulu H – 16
  25. TIE – Tina B & Joyce H – 13
Congratulations Ann on your big win.  For those of you who do not know Ann lives in LA with her husband Matt (4th Place), two kids (10th & 18th) and the ubiquitous MR. B (A dog who finished 9th).  Ann will take how the prize money of $140.00!  This happens to be our best haul ever for the record so thanks to everyone.
A few other statistical things to look at –
  • Olivia M and Riley P are the only two kids who finished in the Top 10!
  • Next year we will have TWO free ballots in the form of Joyce H & Tina B who tied for last place score of 13!  Congrats and best of luck to winning a free go around in 2013.
  • Eric F will receive the runner up prize of $10!  Congrats to you.
  • Lisa N, in her first year (I believe) she ended up in 6th place which is quite impressive.
  • Our 2011 winner, Dave H, did not fall off the face of the Earth and ended up with a 5th place finish.
  • Juli P & Rosemary M are the first mother and daughter to tie!
This was a hotly contested pool this year with the big separator coming in near the end in the form of Best Actor as a whole bunch of people had George Clooney as their winner.  I also noticed a lot of folks got the technical awards correct so that means we are all seeing a lot of movies (Doubtful) or doing some nice research (Highly Probable).
Thanks to all of you who participated and please remember to come back and join in 2013.
Also a special thanks to Lindsay M for her great pre-show party that will be added to the annual list….or at least I am pretty sure it will.
And finally, thanks for stopping by the Belligerent Man site and please feel free to come back at any time to get a cruel chuckle.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ugh sooooo close.

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