I Got Your Privacy Right Here

So for the last 5 years you have poured your soul into your computer.  You have put every nook and cranny about yourself into it.  From the type of music you like to the types of authors you read.  From the movies you hate to your toothbrush preference.  You have plugged everything from you social security number to your bank accounts into me.  You have told me every crazy and quite odd sexual preference you have….multiple times over.

And now you are surprised that I am coming back to bite you in the arse in a way that you do not like?  Too bad, so sad.

I get it that no one is happy that google is treating all your info like Charlie Sheen treat mountains of blow..recklessly and without memory.  I get it that you are annoyed that Facebook is trying to turn you out like a $5 hooker in Atlantic City.

However, you signed up for it.  It is like the spouse who finally gets caught cheating and blames it on the mistress or even better the phone that the illicit text showed up on.  You want to play with fire…well you get herpes…wait you get burned…well, same thing.

We are all invested so much in our computers and in many ways we have no choice but you do have a few choices and most of us make the wrong ones.  Some people put info into their  blogs, FB and Twitter they regret for one reason or another.  Most people are so fucking stupid they don’t regret what they should or even worse they do not realize that they are boring and pathetic.

I hope writing about how much you enjoyed running 2.5 miles on a Thursday afternoon or checking in at a bakery in Ottawa, Il is worth the shit you are going to end up with now.  You want privacy, then you have to treat everything like Fight Club…wait did I mention Fight Club…oh fuck.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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