Fall From Grace

I've Fallen And I Will Never, Ever be Allowed To Get Back Up

I rarely ask people their opinion but as my wife pointed out I seem to be less of an asshole in the last few weeks so maybe I am softening up a bit.  This topic comes courtesy of my buddy DH who mentioned the above phrase “Largest Fall From Grace Ever” today to me when we were discussing a band.  I list a few of my favorite falls below –

  • Music – Queensryche – This is what brought this topic up in the first place when we were listening to old ‘Ryche and then tested a 2011 album and after realizing we were listening to the worst album of all time.  How a band how 3, maybe 4, great albums and then decided to make crap really is amazing.  Prog rock darlings to basement recording butt of jokes.  That is a truly epic fall from grace.
  • Actor – Mickey Rourke.  Look I know he has come back but I thought he was the next Brando and DeNiro at one time and instead look what he turned out to be.  Maybe his story arc is just longer but still a huge fricking fall from grace.
  • Politics – John Edwards.  Boy you were the golden boy 8 years ago weren’t you.  So close to being the VP and then boom…you sir are a one of a kind and certified asshole.

I could go on and list these one forever but each is the same, so much promise, so much failure.  Any great falls on your radar?

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4 Responses to Fall From Grace

  1. sheila says:

    whitney houston.

  2. martineden says:

    Whitney is a good one.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If T.O. goes from the Arena League into retirement that is a pretty good one too. Although he is at the end of a career and could have just hung it up. I think the moral is quit while you are ahead.

  4. martineden says:

    TO is a big one and that one is a shame. Perception becomes reality and that just killed him.

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