Finding A Worthy Prey

As a relative newbie to watch collecting I have quickly realized that the hunt for the grail piece can sometimes be more exciting than the actual acquisition.  The toughest part is finding the right grail to chase.  In my one year of watch collecting I have added the following –

  • Ball Engineer Master II World Timer (Black)
  • Anonimo Opera Meccana D-Date (Orange)
  • Magrette Bronze Regattare (Which might be exchanged shortly due to a case issue)

Somedays I am very interested in adding a few micro brands to the collection but other days I want to just bide my time and wait until the perfect piece comes available.  In this process I continue to add a few names to my list to keep track of including the Ball Skylab, Graham Chronofighter and a few others.  Being a sucker for multi time zone watches I also will now add the following to that list of closely watched –

Rolex Sky Dweller

I love the classic Rolex look on this watch but the inner dial for a 2nd time zone is killer to me.  At 42mm this would be a perfect piece and a unique item as well.  Thoughts?

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4 Responses to Finding A Worthy Prey

  1. Sheila says:

    Thats hot.

  2. martineden says:

    I agree in full….now too bad I just blew all my Uncle Sam money.

  3. Ef says:

    Not a fan ofthe design…..get the clerc and call it a day…

  4. martineden says:

    I had a chance to see the Clerc in person…not as impressive as pictures. Very flashy case but it felt..kinda cheap to be honest. A lot of style but it really lacked substance and I think the Perrelet might fall into the same category…call it a hunch. This Rolex is going to start at $42K and will not be released in SS (ala Yachtmaster) so it is a tad bit out of my range. However, the movement is just killer in every way. I did try on a Explorer II (White) today and it was really, really nice.

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