Continued Brilliance

I know it is the dream of every parent in America to have their children do a little worse than them and somehow end up in a low paying, overworked shitty job and if you elect Rick Santorum your goal is within reach.

This from the same idiot who…

  • Penn State University, BA in Political Science
  • University of Pittsburgh, MBA
  • Dickinson School of Law, Doctorate

So the decade you spent getting an education was a waste you say?  How are you able to support those 7 children dear sir?

And to clarify….President Obama did not say of this and in case you were too busy to watch the State of the Union.  I think he might have mentioned 1 YEAR of higher education that could be junior college, a 4 year university, a technical school.  I know, I know….never let the truth get in the way of the holy gospel.



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2 Responses to Continued Brilliance

  1. msbewil says:

    Ok so I never share your post, however in this case I find that I can not keep my self form doing so. Sorry Big guy, just had to steal it.

  2. martineden says:

    No problem. I have been on a Rick Santorum bender for a week now and it needs to stop. If I am only going to write a blog entry when he says something stupid I am going to have a 30 year backlog.

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