3 Enemies Of The State

Here are 3 things I thought about this week –

  • Hunger Games.  Really? I am not some movie snob (many other forms of snob but not movie) but this has people fawning.  This shit looks like bad Running Man meets Twilight (There is no good Twilight).  If this would have been written in the 60’s or 70’s it would have been considered pulp at best.
  • Thomas Kinkade.  Maybe he made art accessible to the masses or maybe he conned a lot of folks into what might be art.  Either way, if you allow and market yourself as “The Painter Of Light” you should also be known as “The Douchebag At Sunrise”.
  • College Sports.  From the NCAA basketball tournament to the recent issues with Coach Petrino at Arkansas my mind is further made up all the time.  College sports are a joke.  The fans who follow their alma mater to the boosters who pay for it, it is all a sham.  Let these kids all go semi pro or pro pending their skill level (The NFL needs a minor leaguer system and all the other sports have one) and cut the mockery that it is.  All these people who then say the athletics pay for the colleges have no idea what they are talking about.  The big time football schools pay for thier program and that is it….look at everything from salaries to the full maintenance costs and you will see what the real financial picture is.  What a fucking joke.

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10 Responses to 3 Enemies Of The State

  1. msbewil says:

    As always… we never seem to agree… Myself and my 3 oldest loved it… hell even my Ex liked it. I have not read the book, nor am I a Twilight Fan (I make my eldest with her friends, its not even allowed in my home). But over all this movie has to rank second on my top choices, falling right behind The Lorax!!

  2. martineden says:

    I am not saying that the movie is bad…I have not even seen it. I have more of an issue regarding the hype that movie critics have thrown its way. Also in the hype they seem to have decided that this is great literature as well and that may or may not be the case. The Lorax though is indeed brilliant.

  3. I haven’t read or seen The Hunger Games in book or movie form, but I was saddened to hear about Thomas Kincade. It’s nice when someone likes art for the sake of making people happy, and he died awfully young.

  4. I noticed you got a domain name change, too. Yay!!

  5. martineden says:

    I am not sure if Kincade liked art as much as business. He died with a decent amount of lawsuits going on as his business model was a little nutty based on the galleries and his own licensed products. He did die really freaking young though and he never even cut off an ear so quite tragic.

  6. martineden says:

    I did change the domain but I mainly did it to get the video as i am not sure what the hell else i can do with it. I mainly use this site as a way of optimizing the number of people I piss off.

  7. msbewil says:

    “I mainly use this site as a way of optimizing the number of people I piss off.”

    Just wondering… how well that is working for you, do you think?

  8. martineden says:

    Ok I guess. During my more political rants I do get a lot more angry responses that I enjoy. People take more offense to calling Rick Santorum and dwarf brained liar than just saying Adam Levine is a DB on average.

  9. Sheila says:

    I find it funny that people get offended. Maybe it’s because I usually agree with you. Except about Jared Leto.

  10. martineden says:

    Jared Leto + Adam Levine. You my dear friend have issues.

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