Innovative & Fun…

Now will the weefe buy into it?

IdeaPaint is one fricking innovative company.  These are the same guys who came out with  chalkboard paint a few years ago, which is killer, and did they decide to stand pat on that product?  Hell no.  They have now released IdeaPaint CLEAR that basically a varnish that can go on any surface and turn it into a dry erase board.  Here it is in their words…

Think waaaaay beyond the whiteboard with CLEAR, a new transparent top coat that delivers dry erase functionality to smooth surfaces of any color. Apply directly over painted walls, or even wood, to create a seamless think-space that matches any décor. With CLEAR, your walls won’t look different, but they’ll act different. So will you.

  • Apply over any existing surface and color
  • Virtually odorless formula
  • Easy, single coat application
  • Apply with roller or HVLP
  • GREENGUARD Children & School Certified
  • SCAQMD and LEED compliant
  • 10 year warranty

CLEAR is available in kits that each cover 50 sq. ft. of surface and includes recommended roller, stir stick, can opener and wet paint sign. To determine the number of kits you need, simply multiply the height x width of the space you are looking to paint.

I am in love with this idea for my office as it would be great to have at least one solid wall painted with this so I could go to town writing on the walls whenever I want.  However, I am  really digging this for LARGE’s room in the house.  I would love to re-paint her room and coat it with this stuff and then have her invite over her friends and sisters and go to town on the walls.

Something about letting my kids draw on the walls is right up my alley.

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