Lately I have been lacking 2 critical things to the Belligerent Man…..Energy and Anger!  Now in general I have never lacked either one of these traits at any time. And truth be told if I need to dig down I can find both fairly quickly….well the anger is censurably quicker but that is not the point.  The point is why?

Have I hit an age where both just naturally subside after 30+ years of being an indomitable asshole?  Is it that I am just naturally happier than I ever have been?  The lack of energy is due in part to general out of shape-ness….my bad…and anemia….not my bad.  When I take iron pills I feel considerably less tired but that still sucks as pills suck.

Again, the why and how at the end of the day is for candy-asses to debate.  I am a man of solutions and not analysis so today marks the beginning of a contest that I am having with myself with a japanese motif…#1 A-Hole With Energy Contest.

The goals are simple…

  1. 4 times a week I must write about something I detest.
  2. 4 times a week do exercise…and hating things does not count.
  3. Be really difficult to someone 1 time a week.  (Not the weefe though)

Three simple guidelines that will hopefully put me in my angriest and most energetic state in a long time.  Good luck to me and fuck everyone else…at least for the new 30 days.


About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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