God Of Thunder

I love metal.  Old school metal, new metal, death metal, glam metal, etc, etc, etc.  I love metal and all that it stands for.  I have since that little snot nosed Anthony Presello (sic) burned me Ride The Lighting in 7th grade and although I appreciate all forms of music I always come back to my metal roots.  And that is why the following chart brings me so much joy…


If you love metal enjoy it and find your band of choice.  I specifically love the “Pointless Misspellings” category.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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3 Responses to God Of Thunder

  1. Sheila says:

    This totally rocks.

  2. Heeman says:

    I don’t think he burned you ride the lighting, rather he made you a tape. Old man.

  3. martineden says:

    You are right. He did make me a tape. It might have even been a bit of a mix tape with some bonus Testament on it. I am indeed old.

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