Fuck You Romney

Listen, I am a flaming liberal and I make no apologies for it.  I believe in a safety net for our society.  I believe that freedom is freedom and you cannot make set clauses for people who are a different color or prefer a different way of getting off. I believe that guns kill people a whole lot more than people killing people.  I believe in fucking common sense.

Most of the Republicans I know seem to be more fiscally motivated Republicans and I can understand that to a greater degree.  You should get what is yours.  People should not just get shit handed to them for no reason.  However, this goes both ways, for the rich and the poor.  You want sanctity in marriage, that is fine.  Then lets punish everyone who gets divorced with a divorce tax if this is so important to you.  At the end of the day I do not care if two (legal aged) dudes want to fuck each other as it is none of my fucking business just like it is not their business that I tend (meaning ONLY) to think Asian women are attractive.  If religion is so important to you than enjoy it, but do not jam it down my throat.  We know what happens when the clergy starts jamming stuff down the throats of others and it only ends up costing us all alot more.  And also, Mitt Romney.  This is the best you could muster up?  This is the fix it guy for you?  Mitt is the last guy we would pick in a kickball game and we all know it.  He is the one kid in the neighborhood who you would beg not to play with when your mom forces you.  No one would pick Mitt to do anything for anyone.  Ever.

However, I do have issues with the current administration.  Has President Obama gone far enough for democrats.  No.  I want him to declare war on anyone opposed to same sex marriage.  I want him to really attack the rich and the overall tax code.  I want him to pare down the military as that is what takes up 75% of the whole fucking budget.

And finally,  I do believe that the constitution and bible are great starting points but clearly not evolved documents that we have to live by for the next 2000 years.  Learn to evolve and change or make a decision that you and your ilk will die like neanderthals.

Whew.  2 days until “I hate me” months starts.

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7 Responses to Fuck You Romney

  1. Chris says:

    I can’t let the gun comment go untouched. I have a huge problem with the comment that guns kill people, people kill people. I’m sorry I just don’t get this comment at all. In 2011 almost 11,000 people were killed by drunk drivers, but there is no talk about banning alcohol. That number just reflects the people killed, not individuals injured or those beaten by a drunk.

    Also, I honestly hope you don’t think Obama is for same sex marriage. This is how this went down. Obama had a conversation with his aids and they said look, this election is going to be close. They proceeded to tell him that you need to say your for same sex marriage. Then they told him it’s really not going to affect you one way or another. Anything that’s decided on this can be forced down to the state level which we’ve seen for years. Personally it is a shame that same sex marriage is still at place where it’s at today but let’s not kid ourselves that Obama is going to change that.

    I’m not even going to get into the financial issues because that’s such a mess under this administration that it’s really unnerving where we’re headed. Obama doesn’t have a clue here, he talked about cutting the deficit and holy shit has it gotten out of control under his watch.

  2. martineden says:

    Fair enough and I am always up for debate.

    On the guns I believe in the right to bear arms. However, common sense has to enter into this discussion as well. And at the end of the day I will refer to law enforcement and when you hear
    LA Police Chief Charlie Beck say “There is no reason that a peaceful society based on the rule of law needs its citizenry armed with 30-round [ammunition] magazines” and that such “magazines transform a gun into a weapon of mass death rather than a home protection-type device” I tend to believe the guy who has spent his whole life protecting people from this shit.

    And yes we did try to ban alcohol, it was called prohibition and it did not work. However, we tried it under Woodrow Wilson (D) and it was tolerated under Harding (R), Coolidge (R) and Hoover (R) and ended by the most liberal president in history, FDR. Why not try to curb assault weapons and this type of weaponry? Are we really that stupid that we would allow the government to take away all weapons? Our history even with alcohol indicates that we are not.

    On same sex marriage whether he is for it is not the issue. It is an issue that revolves around SCOTUS and that is why I again pick Obama. I cannot imagine letting Romney appoint anyone to the highest court and neither can he. The worst part is that Romney is probably for gay marriage…but he just has no balls or backbone to say what he is for. He is jut running to run at this point with no platform except “please let me win”. His own party acknowledges this and the fact that Republicans toyed with Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and the rest indicate this just as well.

    On the deficit lets just look at one simple fact….Clinton hands Bush a $300 billion surplus, Bush hands Obama an $11 trillion deficit. Which party gives a shit about the deficit? If I really believed that Mitt cared about this maybe I would listen to him a bit more but that is not his platform or his parties platform.

    Let the good time roll. And this is exactly why in October I am staying away from this…as I will piss off anyone I like (I do like you Chris).

  3. Chris says:

    I completely agree there is no need for certain type of weapons and it comes down to common sense. I don’t know what the answer is because most guns are always going to be out there on the black market. The problem is that you don’t find out who has them until something goes down.

    This country has never had a surplus, we’ve always had debt. The $300 billion that’s always mentioned is political bullshit. The govt thinks that public debt and government debt are two separate things, but we still pay both with tax money. Both parties are full of shit when they say there is a surplus. We owe money so I’m not sure how we can say we have a surplus.

    In eight years under bush the debt went up by $4.8 trillion, under 4 years of Obama it’s gone up $3.661 trillion. Clinton did a great job in this department but by no means was there no debt. The overall debt is what matters. The big issue at hand is being honest and up front about where we stand and no one wants to hear that talk. They want to know they’re getting social security checks, medicare and medicaid regardless of the price that has to be paid down the road. On top of this we want medicare for all, which I don’t have a problem with, but taxing the rich to help pay for this is insane, we’re all going to pay for that down the road. It seems to me it would have been smarter to fix the underlying issues such as cost. For example, paying $400 for four screws in someones leg that cost $5.00 to make. How can the problem be fixed if we’re not looking at cost. It’s like saying I make $20,000 a month and not sure how I’m going to make my mortgage payment next month. I’ve heard that once before.

    I’m just glad I had the afternoon off to banter back and forth with you. Good times.

  4. martineden says:

    It is just too bad you are a lazy SOB who should be down the street painting or putting up drywall instead of wasting your time online. If you are feeling really ambitious you should check out what Zeus threw up nearby.

  5. Chris says:

    Hold on one second, someone needs to make sure the internet is working around here.

  6. Heeman says:

    I think the big thing about guns is that it is really a much more of an argument between sides than it should be. Everyone I have ever talked to pretty much agrees that guns should be legal but that there should be regulations/screening to make it harder for nut jobs to get them. However then it becomes a political issue and it is that the Democrats want to ban guns, and that the Republicans want everyone to own an RPG and an UZI (Miami Vice Style). As with every issue, most of us are a lot more in the middle of this, but the arguments turn into the extremes and that is why nothing gets done in this country.

    And for the record, everyone should marry everyone and get divorced many times as it helps the economy through wedding registries, reception costs, honeymoons, and assorted other spending. As an American I have done my part to contribute. If two dudes want to get married and half of them want to get divorced that only helps America. Why would we want to deprive them of that?

  7. msbewil says:

    I am sorry I know this is an all about you month but I just had to add… I love that most of the people I have came across that are openly voting for Romney is either, A) on public assistants, B) can not read or C) only has about 3 teeth in their mouth and no kind of insurance what so ever…. Fuck it seems this years run is fucked either way you go, but if I voted I would go with the lesser of two evils….

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