Why I Suck (Pt. 2)

Being pretentious is one thing, one thing that I do excel at but the next chapter in this saga is my ARROGANCE.

Arrogance according to Merriam-Webster – An attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner.

If that does not hit the nail on the head I am not sure what does.  I have been arrogant since I was born whether it was with family or friends.  It is often buried under the pretext of self-confidence but at the end of the day it is sheer arrogance.  Having an attitude of superiority to all others (Humans, Animals, Plants) is an essential part of my makeup and without it I would surely crumble.

However, this superiority alone is not enough as I then allow it to overbear mine own true thoughts and anyone else’s within striking distance.

I am indeed horribly arrogant.


About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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3 Responses to Why I Suck (Pt. 2)

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. martineden says:

    really? You can agree and even pile on but at least have the decency not to do it anonymously.

  3. Dizzy the cat says:

    This is your neighbor and yes you are arrogant ………better?

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