List Of Bad Traits

So I found this long list of negative traits and thought I would review this.  I have highlighted traits I have in RED –

  1. aggressive
  2. aloof
  3. arrogant
  4. belligerent
  5. big-headed
  6. bitchy
  7. boastful
  8. bone-idle
  9. boring
  10. bossy
  11. callous
  12. cantankerous
  13. careless
  14. changeable
  15. clinging
  16. compulsive
  17. conservative
  18. cowardly
  19. cruel
  20. cunning
  21. cynical
  22. deceitful
  23. detached
  24. dishonest
  25. dogmatic
  26. domineering
  27. finicky
  28. flirtatious
  29. foolish
  30. foolhardy
  31. fussy
  32. greedy
  33. grumpy
  34. gullible
  35. harsh
  36. impatient
  37. impolite
  38. impulsive
  39. inconsiderate
  40. inconsistent
  41. indecisive
  42. indiscreet
  43. inflexible
  44. interfering
  45. intolerant
  46. introverted
  47. irresponsible
  48. jealous
  49. lazy
  50. Machiavellian
  51. materialistic
  52. mean
  53. miserly
  54. moody
  55. narrow-minded
  56. nasty
  57. naughty
  58. nervous
  59. obsessive
  60. obstinate
  61. overcritical
  62. overemotional
  63. parsimonious
  64. patronizing
  65. perverse
  66. pessimistic
  67. pompous
  68. possessive
  69. pusillanimous
  70. quarrelsome
  71. quick-tempered
  72. resentful
  73. rude
  74. ruthless
  75. sarcastic
  76. secretive
  77. selfish
  78. self-centred
  79. self-indulgent
  80. silly
  81. sneaky
  82. stingy
  83. stubborn
  84. stupid
  85. superficial
  86. tactless
  87. timid
  88. touchy
  89. thoughtless
  90. truculent
  91. unkind
  92. unpredictable
  93. unreliable
  94. untidy
  95. untrustworthy
  96. vague
  97. vain
  98. vengeful
  99. vulgar
  100. weak-willed

Out of 100 bad traits I am only 31 of them and that is a major disappointment.  I was really hoping for 50% but I am still young enough to pick up another 19.  My favorite trio is Vain / Vengeful / Vulgar as I like to really embody those three to the hilt.

And finally, when did being Machiavellian become a bad thing?  That seems like something to aspire to and encourage your children to be.  No, I am wrong?

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13 Responses to List Of Bad Traits

  1. Heeman says:

    When are you going to stop telling us how bad you suck and start telling us how everyone else sucks again? That was much more fun.

  2. martineden says:

    5 more days and I am done with this project. I think I needed this to exercise a few demons or at least to poke them around a bit.

  3. Joe Black says:

    come on were all like this sometimes but no one wants to admit it because we’d rather ignore it and move on?

  4. martineden says:

    Thanks Joe but I kinda like embracing the wretch in me. Humanity is all in the ability to be introspective and instead of talking about my wonderful-ness I would rather expose my true nature, that being horrible, than disguise it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I find your point troublling. Although it constitutes a different perspective then most people would like to imagine for themselves. I would find even more troubling if you told me this was a habit.

  6. Hidi says:

    Hmmm how exactly is introversion a negative trait? Most people can’t help this fact. Besides, I would much rather spend an evening alone, doing something I enjoy, then pretending I’m extroverted for the sake of appearing ‘normal’ to other extroverts. All it will provide you is a sense of belonging…but you aren’t getting the chance to be who you really are. And that is far more negative if you ask me! Besides, if we continue to classify introversion as a negative trait, extroverts will never understand that some people just simply don’t like to socialize. They aren’t abnormal, negative or weirdos.
    (And I know you didn’t write this list…I just thought I’d throw that out there 🙂

  7. martineden says:

    I am not sure how introversion is considered a bad trait and really did not consider it when I posted this. My assumption is that only an extrovert lists introversion as a bad trait. That being said I have realized over this year that I am an introvert as well. This is based on a more clinical definition of introversion being that introverts basically need more down time in order to engage with others.

    On the more positive side you comment let me revisit this list and on a more thorough analysis I think I have closer to 51 of the above traits so 2014 has indeed been a banner year.

  8. Anonymous says:

    heyo this site did not hel me at all thanks a lot 🙂 !

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