Phew and Oh Shit

Well I am glad to be done with October as I can go back to being my lovely self moving forward.  Also I can rip on Mitt (Trademark Pending) for at least one more day.

Election Thoughts –

  • My daughters school had mock elections and she cam home and asked me why I vote for Barack Obama.  I had a nice discussion with her and without getting into too many details I explained why I voted Democrat overall.  She seemed to grasp it and it was nice that she knew who I was for prior to the discussion and a little bit why.  Made me proud and I made sure to tell her multiple times that when she gets older she will have to decide for herself whom she votes for and why.
  • In this same conversation she told me about a boy in her class who asked her why she was voting for Barack Obama as he is black and she is not.  Brilliant.  Nice to see what Oswego parents are teaching their kids.
  • In the same conversation I heard about 2 different kids whom were told that if Barack Obama wins they do not get presents for Christmas.  Even better.  Way to live in a $400,000 home, drive nice cars and tell your kids how much you are struggling and how it trickles down to Santa.  Again, brilliant.
  • If Mitt wins do I need to start teaching my daughters about legitimate rape vs. illegitimate rape?
  • Also, I am already not looking forward to sex conversations in the years to come but I am not sure I am qualified to teach them how to control their eggs as I can barely control scrambled eggs.
  • And finally to my lovely church, St. Annes in Oswego – if you want to tell me about voting then you need to start paying taxes like the rest of us.  Otherwise, shut the fuck up and stick to trying to not let your priests rape our children.  Thanks.

Phew…feels so good to be back.


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I am not here to please anyone.
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2 Responses to Phew and Oh Shit

  1. Heeman says:

    Now that is the Marlovits I know and love.

  2. martineden says:

    Seriously, could you ever imagine telling your kid that if someone wins an election they get no presents at Christmas? How about telling your kid that you only vote for candidates with your own skin color? Look if you like Mitt and believe in him, fine, but give the rest of the shit a rest.

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