Is it 1995 Again?

For the next two weeks I will have to play catch up with my some silly notes that I made to myself during the month of self-loathing known as October.  So on that note I apologize for the lack of currency in these few posts.

No Doubt released a new album on 9/21/12.  Really, they did, I am not fucking with you.  A  What the hell is this about and who the hell is buying this?  I was surprised the new album debuted as high as #3 when it came out with 118,000 copies sold but less surprised when it dropped down right away.  For a guy who loves to have something negative to say about everything and everyone I really don’t for Gwen Stefani.  She seems fairly talented and generally seems to keep her foot out of her mouth.  That being said who really liked this band the first go around in 1995 and who has stuck with them for 17 god-damn years?  Talk about a one hit wonder who ended up having a touch more legs under them and that pegs No Doubt perfectly.

Random indeed but this stuck in my craw 30 days ago along with a bunch of other random shit.

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