I Waited Long Enough

As the proud and patient owner of an iPad (1st Gen) I finally took the plunge this week and picked up an iPad Mini!  What took me so long you ask, especially if you know my famous level of ZERO patience to upgrade?

Well, when the 2nd generation came out it was not enough to make me jump as I really had my eye on a physically smaller iPad.  It was not that I was unhappy with the original and far from it but after using it for 2 years I realized that I needed something more compact for travel and better sized for reading (Critical).  For awhile I was being tempted by the RIM Playbook as my then RIM-employed neighbor showed it to me and even though I was not excited by the OS I was very excited by the physical size of it.  Luckily before convincing myself into that RIM decided to go over the cliff and plunge to a slow, methodical death that continues to this day.

So then what took me so long to jump on the mini when it was announced?  The two things were the lack of retina display (The weefe’s iPad has it) and the fact that they were not putting the newest chip in it.  The geek in me wanted it but after some deliberation and soul searching with another equally mac crazed neighbor I was able to focus on what I needed and not just on technology that I thought I needed.


So after 3 days of ownership I can confirm that it is exactly what I wanted.  A far superior reading experience, especially if you are a marathon reader like myself.  A fantastic size to watch movies (God bless watching A New Hope again) and play games (FIFA 2013 is killer).

This leaves me to two other questions that I am hoping to learn a bit from –

  1. Any recommendations for sleek, non bulky cases?  I have never found an ideal one so any suggestions or directions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. What are your 5 favorite apps?  Why?  It is amazing to see what different people put on their iPads/iPhones and I just like to expand my horizons every now and again.

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2 Responses to I Waited Long Enough

  1. Sheila says:

    I’m not super appy but here are the ones I use a lot:


  2. Sheila says:

    Oh and TripIt, which is genius.

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