Not Perfect By A Long Shot

So the other day I decided to take a break from the craziness and take a bit of a personal day.  It started out perfectly well –

  • Breakfast with a friend.  Went to a local dive that happens to have a great breakfast that is really cheap.  Nothing like $6.00 eggs benedict with bacon and rye toast.  Seriously, nothing like that at all.
  • Dropped off some clothes to a tailor and dry cleaner.
  • Went to my old school shoe repair guy and fixed a sole on a pair of dress shoes (January starts travel season again).
  • Went to a 10:45am showing of Skyfall.  I love a solo movie sometimes and it is best when it is either early morning or late at night in my book.

And then it turned to shit.  I stepped out of the movie, looked at my cell phone and saw what transpired in CT.  My normal anger at shit like this disappeared instantly.  The only thing I felt was sadness.  Sadness for everything and everyone involved.

And over the weekend this sadness was slowly replaced by the coming and going of life with the weefe and the kids.  The only tonic for the tragedies in life is living life itself.  Each silly trivial moment makes life worth it that much more.

Last thing I am saying about this for quite some time.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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