Movie Catch Up

So in the next 3-4 days the BM will go into Academy Award mode in anticipation of our 7th Oscar Pool!  In anticipation of this I have been catching up with a few movies, some with Oscar relevance and some for no point at all.  Below you can catch my two sentence reviews on each –

  • TED – Ok, funny moments but not alot there.  I know some folks who love Seth MacFarlane but overall his sense of humor is not mine.  
  • The Campaign – This started off promising but slowly evaporated to nothing.
  • Lord Of The Rings Trilogy (Extended Versions) – Mr. Jackson should have just released these in the first place.  Even though these were crazy long they did a much better job in flushing out the characters and making Aragorn (Viggo) look more heroic.
  • The Bourne Legacy – I am sure this is blasphemy to those who love this series but I liked this one better than the Matt Damon helmed ones.  I was surprised as well by this.
  • The Dark Knight Rises – I really hate how much I like this movie.  It has forced me to double-down on my Superman hatred which was not that hard to do.
  • Zero Dark Thirty – This was a good solid movie.  End of story.
  • End of Watch – I liked it but I liked it better when it was called Training Day as some of the elements were too similar for my taste.
  • Looper – Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt ever bad for a movie?  He is like a younger version of Ed Norton to me.  This was better than expected but the ending did not do it for me.  Seemed like a cop-out.
  • To Rome With Love – I am always 50/50 on Woody Allen movies and after loving Midnight in Paris this was the let down movie.  Although the parts with Jesse Eisenberg and Alec Baldwin were good for a laugh.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – I liked it but I did not love it.  I still think Toby Maguire was a killer lead in this although Emma Stone was a breath of new life in that character.

That is the round up so get ready for Oscar talk!

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