7th Annual Academy Award Pool

And now that the Super Bowl is over let the real betting begin with the….
7th Annual Marlovits Academy Award Pool!
The 85th Annual Academy Awards Show is on Sunday, February 24th (ABC) at 6pm (CST).  It is hosted this year by Seth MacFarlane so it could be a giant train wreck or a breath of fresh air.
I have attached the 2013 ballot for your use including the 2 tie breakers.  If you have trouble opening or using it let me know and I will send you a plain document version that you can use as well.  Please fill it out and return it to either joseph@tinwerks.comlindsaykim@mac.com or at thebelligerentman@yahoo.com.  The rules are the same to you veterans out there but here is a quick summary –
  • Fill out the entire ballot (guessing is highly encouraged, more on that below)
  • Send the ballot via email or hand it over before the show (
  • Including your $5.00 per entry that you can pay anyway you like (Including paypal at Joseph@tinwerks.com)
  • Also you can enter your children, pets and any sentimental inanimate objects of your choice.
  • Then sit back and enjoy the Oscars and follow live results and score updates at http://www.belligerentman.wordpress.com.
Last year our winner, Ann F. took home $140 while Eric F. in 2nd place took home $10.  Also this year we have two people who have free entry’s due to their 2012 TIE for low score (13) Joyce H. & Tina B.
A couple of final reminders as always –
  • If you do want to learn more about the other show’s (SAG, DIG, GG) you can start to follow them at –  www.belligerentman.wordpress.com as I will post news and info
  • NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE has seen all the movies so do not sweat it.  It is only $5 and it is for fun and maybe some bragging rights.
  • If you know someone (Please pass on to your lovely spouses as well) who might be interested in joining in please share it with them as the more money the merrier.
  • The night before the show I will of course post my ballot for full disclosure.
The official ballot can be downloaded here…2013 Academy Award Ballot

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2 Responses to 7th Annual Academy Award Pool

  1. Anonymous says:

    has the damn dog passed away yet? Screws me every year….

  2. martineden says:

    No, the super intelligent canine being known as Mr. B is alive and well. He will probably screw you over again this year as well for reference.

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