Another Addicition

Watches, painting and now shoes.  I need new hobbies and collections like a hole in the head but shoes is the newest rabbit hole I have jumped down.  This will not be long lived but I am in the mood to turn over my shoes and add 10-15 new pairs this year as my infatuation with Campers have come to a bit of an end for now.

Last month I picked up these Great Jones Saddle shoes made by Cole Hahn

Great Jones Saddle

Great Jones Saddle

I thought these would be new dress shoes but I have to admit I prefer them with jeans over my suits but I think that is based more on the fact that my suits are very traditional as opposed to anything to do with the shoes.  These saddle shoes wear exceptional and just have a great overall presence with the slight accent of gold/yellow to the sole and laces.

I am not a wingtip guy in general but I think my next foray into the C-H world will be with the Cooper Square Wingtip and I am leaning toward the Charcoal Grain as seen below.

Cooper Square Wingtip - Charcoal Grain

Cooper Square Wingtip – Charcoal Grain

and I am still on the lookout for the Cooper Square Chukkas that are killer in this color combination…

Cooper Square Chukkas

Cooper Square Chukkas

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