Woefully Behind On Movies

The only movies I have been watching lately are ones that I have been able to download or watch on a plane.  Such has been the spring of 2013 with what seems like endless work, travel and side projects.  That being said I have to capture the movies I need to check out in the next 10 days or they will slip through my fingers and eventually my mind.  Here is the list in somewhat of an order –

  1. Iron Man 3
  2. Great Gatsby
  3. 42
  4. Star Trek: Into The Darkness
  5. Oblivion

I need to get these as these next few ones our on the horizon –

  • The Internship (6/7)
  • World War Z (6/21)
  • Lone Ranger (7/2)

I also have several kids movies between now and then that I am assuming will jump to the lead of the pack as well.  However, this all culminates for me with a singular release on July 12th that I have been looking forward to for almost one year…Pacific Rim.  This movie basically encapsulates everything that I like into a movie with a perfect director and cast.  The trailer is THE trailer of 2013 and I think the movie will lead up to the hype.  Check out if you have not see it yet…

After this I get another gem on July 25th that is built for me as well.  The Wolverine.



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