Yes, I am biased.  Disclosure complete.

Christopher Nolan is an incredible writer and director and made all 3 of his Batman movies something the Batman has never been to the average movie audience – Interesting.  When you generally think of Batman, especially the movies, you think of the villains.  And why do we think of the Joker, the Penguin, Bane, the Riddler and Ra’s al Ghul?  The reason is that Batman is not interesting.  Regardless of his parents being murdered, his amazing wealth and all the gadgets in the world he is hollow.  He fights for no reason and seems to lack any internal truth or honesty.

The same is true of Superman which is due to assault audiences this weekend again.  Why  does this character always seem to be less than human?  Why does he appear to be an empty costume with great powers.  He is an almighty impressive mannequin though.

This gets to the heart of why DC comics fail for me.  The characters are flawed in the sense that they have an over-abundance of powers but a baby pool sized amount of heart.  The villains seem to have more purpose and ties to humanity than any hero.  This is true whether it is Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern or any other DC character.

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