It’s A Wrap

Not a bad show but around the 3/4 mark it took a serious dive in my opinion.  From the shitty Pink song to the bad In Memoriam tribute to the forced standing ovation I have ever witnessed (way to overstay on the stage Bette).

Ellen killed it and most of the music was well done and suited for the show.  They should have eliminated some of the other fluff and given Ellen more open time to roam around.

On our scoring it was pretty tight but in the end it really opened up due to the over-love that Gravity was being given.  I do not want to post the final numbers until I can double and triple check tomorrow but it looks like the winner is a first time winner and has a score of 80 while only missing 2 (TWO!) categories.  I will confirm and have the final numbers posted tomorrow prior to noon so check back and thanks for following along tonight.

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2 Responses to It’s A Wrap

  1. Bryan Bottarelli says:

    Joe – we will miss you next year! “If Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey win I will not submit a ballot next year in my own poll in protest”

  2. martineden says:

    I am a man of my word so although I will submit a ballot in 2015, it will not be a paid entry so I cannot win. The next time you will hear those words from my mouth is when Kristen Stewart wins an Oscar so be prepared.

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