Back At It

So I am a little out of balance I have been told so even though I lack any worthwhile thoughts currently I am going to try to just type.  Starting with the fucking W Hotel in NY.  Could it be any louder of a god damn hotel?  Could they use thinner dry wall?  The two girls next to me are from Boston and both are starting graduate school this fall.  You know why I know that…..look at the above two points you fuck.  I should not know that just like no one should know what the hell I am doing in my room sans murdering someone without duct tape covering up the pie hole in question.

Also, could the bathroom be less form over function?  When it takes a slightly educated person like myself 10 minute to to turn on the sink you now it is fucked up.  In addition, how about curtains?  I get that the shade is all slick but when I am surrounded by billboards the glow gets a little annoying at around 3am.

That is all.

About martineden

I am not here to please anyone.
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