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Nothing Like A Good December Movie To Ponder

This one looks like another keeper by Joaquin Phoenix –

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Ready For 11.10.14

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I might have an issue.  

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The Afghan Whigs – Matamoros

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Enough Already

I used to be able to go on trip after trip without any issue.  Now at the 5 day mark of this current excursion I am near mental death.  I just do not have that thing anymore that requires 20+ … Continue reading

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Back At It

So I am a little out of balance I have been told so even though I lack any worthwhile thoughts currently I am going to try to just type.  Starting with the fucking W Hotel in NY.  Could it be … Continue reading

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All Black Everything

3rd coat on AB #1 Composition tonight.  4th coat of gloss with 95% black to go on tomorrow.  2 coats away from completion and then on to bronze on bronze action.

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Add This To The List

Limited release this week with full rollout through 3/28.  God bless Jason Bateman.

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The 4th Circle?

So people who blog are what exactly? What about snapchat or instagram?  Or did one of these assholes make up this venn diagram?

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If you live it, you are the real deal.  If you preach and post about, your full of shit.  Take that BS somewhere else as we are not buying.  

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