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The 4th Circle?

So people who blog are what exactly? What about snapchat or instagram?  Or did one of these assholes make up this venn diagram?

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Fabulous Luke Skywalker To Your Death Star

Good message + funny as hell = Sheen-esque winning…  

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“He’s Not Talking About An Employment Situation”

More Ylvis mother fuckers…

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“Gonna Show You Something Freaky Now”

More Ylvis…

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What The Fuck Does It Mean?

Since I am keeping score I will say that I have been on the Ylvis bandwagon now for awhile.  I stumbled upon What Does The Fox Say and brought it to the masses or at least the masses that live … Continue reading

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Thanks For The Explanation Shep

Breaking it down as only Colbert can…—fox-news-deck

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In The Closet

Not sure if anyone out there watches the little shorts called 7 Minutes In Heaven (Please keep your own junior high flashbacks in check).  These are funny and super dry and most of the time they kill.  Here is one … Continue reading

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The Honest Bachelor

I have never understood how this show got on the air and worse yet, how it has stayed on the air.  Spade pretty much nails every aspect of this so enjoy courtesy of Funny or Die… The Honest Bachelor

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Do You ❤ Legalized Prostitution

Has anyone heard of the dating site WHAT’S YOUR PRICE.COM?  This is quite a unique dating site and I am listing some highlights from their website and listing which section this is in so as not to embellish or confuse … Continue reading

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I love this song so freaking much.  This is either a music video or an advertisement for International Male circa 1987.  Don’t you dare deny receiving that catalog and possibly even wanting a nice silk shirt that was way out … Continue reading

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